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Accounts payable automation
Accounts Payable Automation

In the complex business world, efficiency is a key to success. Structured data management is very important to achieve business efficiency. However, according to Gartner’s research, upto 90% of business documents, transactions and records are available in the unstructured format – paper, fax, email, office documents, etc.

Major pain points in the Accounts Payable department

  • A large volume of unstructured documents
  • Manual input and data processing
  • Duplication of work
  • Tedious data management procedures
  • Longer lead times due to manual routing & processing
  • Time management inefficiency
  • Risk of loss or damage in the physical documentation
  • Higher transportation costs for moving the documents from one place to another place
  • Time-consuming procedures in invoice processing and payment methodologies

How Bautomate helps your business organization?

Bautomate is an end to end solution for the automation of document processing

  • Transform all types of documents into the structured format
  • Capture, organize, review and deliver the documents appropriately
  • Access the documents anywhere from any device.
  • Get increased visibility into the current status and analytics
  • Identify the bottlenecks and adjust the workload distribution accordingly
  • Automatic capture of electronic documents such as emails, PDF, Word, EDI, etc
  • Scan the paper-based records and invoices easily
  • Highly secured storage facility
  • Our advanced OCR, IDR, ICR technology can extract and read all the key information
  • Automatic document routing capability
  • Automate all types of manual workload in document management
  • Reduce unwanted expenditure significantly

    Benefits of implementing
    Bautomate software


    • Accurate reporting capabilities
    • Eliminate the risk of lost invoices / PO in the approval process
    • Get control of process, tracking, and compliance
    • Expand your business without the requirement of additional employees
    • Speed up the work and reduce operational costs upto 75%
    • Improve efficiency by focusing on core business tasks
    Accounts payable automation benefits

    Accounts Payable Automation Software

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