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Bautomate is an All-in-one Intelligent Business Process Automation

Features that make us stand out

AI Validation

Bautomate’s Industry first & best AI validation feature ensures OCR data extraction is free from errors and identifies and isolates ambiguities brilliantly for verification.

AI/ Machine Learning

5 – Click Forecasting AI Bot, Hybrid BPMN, Auto Validation Bot, BYOB

Pre Built Bots

The Automation 360 design is extendable and pluggable, allowing for simple connection with external systems. SAP, Salesforce, Tally, ERP, Email, FTP, and many other applications are available.

Security Governance

Security Governance
Identity and user access management, data encryption, audit logs and monitoring, cloud infrastructure security, incident response, and application security are all provided by Bautomate.

Enterprise Integration

The extensible and pluggable Automation 360 architecture allows easy integration with external systems at ease. SAP, Salesforce, Tally, ERP, Email, FTP and the connectors list goes on.


As a comprehensive Home product, Bautomate has complete control over the product features and can handle customization requests to seamlessly scale the platform to the demands of the user.

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Bautomate is ready to simplify your process

Invoice Automation

Bautomate improves overall operational efficiency and productivity by empowering the way organization handle AP automationInvoice matching automates the validation of Invoices vs PO,GRN and GAN Seamless Integration with multiple systems

Order to Cash Automation

Instant visibility on all customer accounts, invoice statuses, actions & performance Easier onboarding & fewer IT resource requirements. Faster resolution of invoice disputes and short-payments


An intelligent content extraction (OCR) from structured and unstructured documents such as PDFs, Images etc. Document Management System(DMS) is the finest choice for structuring, managing and tracking your documents securely across organization

Hiring and On-boarding Automation

Design an Automated Workflow For Every Stage of the Employee Journey. Automate end-to-end recruitment life cycle. Streamline pre-boarding workflows, save time for both hiring managers and employees in HR. Reduce errors, improve SLA, and provide higher satisfaction for both employees and HR partners

Lead Generation Automation

By empowering the way organisations handle the lead to customer process, Bautomate increases overall operational efficiency and productivity. Bautomate assists you in tracking your leads from source to opportunity to client. The Bautomate platform is adaptable and expandable to your needs, and it may even be linked to the customer onboarding process.

Procure-2-Pay Automation

Procure-to-pay automation refers to the process of automating all repetitive and time-consuming processes in the procure-to-pay process. It offers a number of benefits like improved accuracy, increased consistency, reduced operational spend, and more. Bautomate eliminates manual tasks, streamline collaboration between departments, and save money through increased accuracy and reduced labor.

Purchase Order Processing

To extract content from documents, Bautomate employs the powerful image processing OCR engine. Forecasts the future and identifies trends in the volume of purchase orders in a given time period. It has systematic extraction and validation, reducing the need for manual intervention.

Budget Automation

Seeking multiple approvals and making amendments can be time-consuming and delay the budgeting process. Automated processes speed up the approval process and ensure that the correct people sign off on budgets,Digital approvals also improve the storage and accuracy of data, creating a clear data trail to keep you prepared for audits.

Claim Processing

To improve the customer experience, automate the complex claim processing procedure from the backend. Overcome obstacles by eliminating unnecessary manual processes and navigating data between internal systems. Set up business rules that use smart searches on various bank accounts on specific dates to verify payments against claims.

Automated Form Processing

Automated form processing is an efficient way to tackle the problems of human-based application handling procedures. It has various advantages to streamline the workflow, save time and reduce man-made errors. Bautomate helps your organization to automate any type of forms such as purchase forms, material forms, application forms, record forms, requisition forms, invoices, etc. that are used in the day-to-day business activities.

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