Bautomate vs Competitors

Business Process ManagementWorkflow ManagementWorkflow Engine - Cloud & OnPremYesYesYes
Standard Workflow Process Components - BPMN 2.0YesYesYes
Standard Connectors - Email, FTP, HTTPYesYesYes
JDBC ConnectorYesLimitedLimited & Complex
FormsRobotic Process AutomationYesYesYes
Drag n Drop Form Designer, Dynamic Forms & TemplatesYesLimitedLimited
PortalDynamic Customer Portal, Dashboard & ReportsYesLimited & 3rd PartyLimited & 3rd Party
DMSDMSDMS, Approval Workflow, Dynamic DMS Approval, Digital SignatureYesNoYes
Cognitive FeaturesAI, MLOCR, Zonal Extraction, NLP, Predictive Analytics & Managed ServicesYesLimited & 3rd PartyLimited & 3rd Party

Summary : Power Automate & Other products requires third-party softwares for few important features, whereas Bautomate has them built-in:
Connectors, OCR, Zonal Extraction, Frontend RPA, NLP ( 3rd party -Cloudmersive ), Document storage search (with SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics and OneDrive), Digital Signature, Dynamic Customer Portal for BI and Advanced Analytics