Traditional Document Handling Methods Vs AI-Based Document Processing

This is an infographics presentation about the comparison of traditional document handling methods vs AI-based document processing. Detailed statistics and graphical charts have been presented here.


  1. Artificial intelligence (AI) revenue statistics from the year 2018 -2025
  2. Top technologies in terms of CIO’s wish list
  3. Benefits of traditional document handling
  4. Disadvantages of paper-based document handling
  5. Drawbacks of traditional documentation methodologies (statistics)
  6. Top reasons to choose the AI-enabled document management
AI Document Processing

Bautomate helps in automating the tedious, paper-based workflow in document management. It is a document automation platform that has the inbuilt capabilities of RPA, OCR, DMS, and BPM modules. 


Bautomate is an AI-powered Hyperautomation solution that provides data-driven, intelligent dashboards, cognitive intelligence, dynamic forms, drag & drop visual workflow studio, rule engine, task-management, customer portal, and provides visibility of all banking operations, and much more.


Intelligent automation is surely adding value to the digital landscape with its ability to transform business processes and bring agility in the entire ecosystem. Moreover, to cater to the ever evolving market and customer requirements, IA can support businesses to maintain competitive edge without compromising on the quality of services with enhanced customer engagement and higher transparency to business processes.

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