How to save your money using Bautomate’s 5 Tiers Of Invoice Automation

Bautomate provides automated invoice processing software that tackles the problems of manual invoice management effectively. It is a one-stop solution for invoice automation.

How to save your money using Bautomate’s 5 Tiers Of Invoice Automation

Save your money using Bautomate

  •   Bautomate Software provides automation that could save your money by eliminating costly errors and streamline your processes that help employees to complete the tasks more efficiently.
  • <span”>   The software allows you to save money on administrative labour, since the repetitive & time-consuming tasks will be done automatically with Bautomate software

5 Tiers Of Invoice Automation

Reduces the Cost

  •       Implementing an AP automation solution reduces the hard labor cost of invoice processing by – 78%
  •       Improving your AP clerk processing rate without automation – 5 invoices/hr
  •       Improving your AP clerk processing rate with automation – 30 invoices/hr

Eliminates Errors

  •       A minor mistake may cost your business a lot of money, if not more.
  •       Consider the time and resources required to locate and rectify the problem.
  •       Risk of fraud in the payment processing. Invoice automation solves this issue.


Optimized Processes

  •       Task duplication is another area that not only creates delay, but also deplete your money. It’s a huge waste. It is also quite difficult for your staff.
  •       The automation Software, on the other hand, ensures that no one duplicates the work of others.


  •       In simple words, workflow automation is infinitely faster than human workers could ever be.
  •       Human work may simply need to be refocused on areas where technology cannot handle all of the work.
  •       All the slow processes can be streamlined with the help of an automation solution effectively.

Fewer Resources

  •     Most businesses forget to consider the cost reduction part which includes the amount of resources such as paper and toner that they use in the day-to-day operations.
  •     Invoice automation Software supports and promotes cloud technology, going paperless (or at least reducing the amount of resources used) is much easier to do.
  •     As a result, your organization can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year.


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