Frequently  Asked  Questions

What are the benefits of bots in a RPA software?

Bots are the automated computer programs that can extract, validate and process the data without the help of human intervention.

Which are the industries that can utilize the document automation software?

Document automation platform has the wide range of role in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail segment, HR, insurance, educational institutions, banking, finance, supply chain, public sector, legal firms and much more.

What is the accuracy rate of Bautomate’s OCR in data validation?

OCR validation is done with the help of template-based matching technique. Bautomate is capable of providing 90% accuracy in terms of data validation. The system keeps on learning about the new template formats to make sure that error-free processing is done at the next time.

What are the benefits of BPM module in document automation?

When you want to avoid spending time on the repetitive tasks, BPM (Business Process Management) module could help you to perform the tasks automatically.

What differentiates Bautomate from the other RPA vendors?

Bautomate has the powerful features of RPA, OCR, BPM & DMS merged in a single integrated environment. The system provides multilingual support.

What are the infrastructure requirements of Bautomate platform?

Bautomate software can be run using the cloud-based environment (SaaS model). Hence there is no specific requirements for the infrastructure. On-premise setup is also given based on the business needs.

What are the roles of AI in document automation procedures?

AI (or) Artificial Intelligence is a machine-learning technique that has numerous roles to play in the processing of documents, data visualization and reporting.

What are the key features of Bautomate DMS (Document management system)?

Bautomate’s document management system is a repository to store your documents. Apart from the regular features, you can fetch the documents via various types of search terms / keywords / content searching techniques. It has the powerful indexing and document versioning capabilities.

Is Bautomate capable of recognizing the handwritten text?

Yes. Bautomate is capable of recognizing / reading the hand-written documents. The machine can understand various types of handwritings and complicated templates.

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