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At Bautomate, we want to build you the perfect AI Powered self-service software for operations management, so you can spend your time expanding your business.

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Save Employers Time

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Reduction in Turnaround Time for solving tickets

Automation tailored to every HR workflow

Time consuming hiring process can be modernized by automating the entire recruitment workflow. Starting with Recruitment Initiation Process which includes posting job needs in the public form to user task for the recruitment team who selects for a resource through email sender, then the candidate details are saved in the Datastore. The next is the Candidate Application Process where the form holds Candidate’s data which is gathered and stored in the Datastore, which helps in identifying selected and rejected candidates from the interview process. 

Lastly, the Recruitment Interview Process comprises Internal Interview Levels and External Interview Levels which happens through different processes for shortlisting the candidates or proceeding to end the event.

Onboarding new employees requires more effort, but this can be made hassle free by automating with the help of our business process model designed in two separate processes.

To start with, Onboarding Initiate Process is the start event followed by sending a form to the selected candidate and an offer letter is sent and they’re required to upload the documents in the form. The next step is the Employee Onboarding Process, where the employee submits the form which has the necessary details and documents needed for onboarding which is later sent to HR for approval. Appointment letter is sent to the employee through email sender and employee ID is created for onboarding.

With powerful automation, offboarding an employee for a smooth exit can be done effortlessly. To achieve a simple employee offboarding, our business model includes two processes.

Employee Offboarding (Resignation) Process, using start form HR initiates the resignation process which is then sent to the manager using user task. A gateway is then used for decision making or rejection of employee resignation and Employee Offboarding (Exit) Process. An email sender is used to notify employees of the status. In the Employee Offboarding (Exit) Process, a time scheduler automatically triggers the end of the notice period of the employee by reading from the datastore which is later notified to the employee using email sender. A gateway checks if the employee has any dues to proceed with the exit form. 

Employee Revert Process, in the resignation process employees are sent with revert form. From offboard datastore employee data is read to check the status if the employee has already reverted or if it is pending which is further sent to manager for approval and then to HR for review.

Performance Management is a dynamic process to identify, measure and enhance an employee's performance in accordance with the organization’s mandate. Our Employee Performance business model includes Employee Probation Period, Employee Yearly Appraisal and Employee Special Appraisal.

Employee Probation Period is a process where a Time Scheduler automatically triggers the employee’s probation period from the datastore which is further sent to the manager & HR for approval who later decides on whether to extend the probation period or not. Employee Yearly Appraisal includes various steps wherein the HR decides whether to continue or cancel the appraisal and is updated in the CTC in the datastore and notified to the employee through email sender automatically. Employee Self Appraisal and Employee Special Appraisal are two methods where the former is initiated with self evaluation and the appraisal amount is updated in the datastore. In the latter, manager initiates based on performance and the new CTC is updated in the datastore.

Tech Stack that digitizes HR tasks to simplify workloads

HR Automation will enable organizations to dive into deep hidden employee insights and automate repetitive tasks.


OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is also referred to as text recognition. It converts an image of text into a machine-readable text format


NLP (Natural Language Processing) helps machines process and understand human language so that they can be automated to perform repetitive tasks


RPA (Robotics Process Automation) enables organizations to automate tasks across applications and systems the same way a human would


ML (Machine Learning) is an AI algorithm that uses computational methods to “learn” information directly from data without relying on a predetermined equation as a model

Take the first step in building an intelligent ecosystem

Why do you need to automate your HR process?

HR Management is an essential part of every organization. Our automation services can enhance the efficiency of the HR department by freeing employees from tedious manual tasks.

Simplify the recruitment and onboarding process

Automating recruitment and onboarding processes using an HR automation tool will streamline them, shorten the onboarding period, reduce manual errors, and improve overall efficiency.

Monitor feedback

AI, ML and NLP perform sentiment analysis to automate the classification of positive and negative comments from surveys, feedback, etc

Streamline appraisal process

Automating the appraisal process will notify the HR department and the respective manager at the right time to get feedback about the employee before sending out a customized confirmation letter

Access anywhere, anytime

Cloud computing in HR improves the overall security and efficiency of HR business processes. Cloud in HR operations helps to provide a fully integrated solution to allow for organizations to have a more holistic view of their business and make decisions with more accuracy and readily available data and reporting.


Find the right solution for your industry




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We integrate with all the platforms


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There Is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to HR Management. That is why we customize each of our solutions to your unique goals and needs



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Frequently asked questions

Which HR Processes Can Be Automated?

Recruitment and onboarding can easily be automated, particularly with the introduction of new tools like artificial intelligence to help pre-screen resumes and more. Leave management, performance appraisals, and more CORE HR activities are some of the other tasks that can be automated.

Why Should You Automate?

Automation saves a lot of time for the HR department. And the employees can benefit from better, more streamlined processes delivered in a timely manner.

What Tools Should You Pick?

There are many different HR solutions and tools available on the market today. Although it is great to have many options, it can sometimes get overwhelming. Because even the best tool in the market might not be the right option for you.

Our experts at Bauomate understand your business process and pick the right software and tools for you.

Can I make changes to the software later on?

Our Automation workflow can be customized at any point of time according to your requirements. Simply drag and drop menus, elements, etc and build your workflow.

What are the benefits of automation?

Some of the notable benefits of automation include:

  1. Higher production rates,
  2. Increased productivity,
  3. More efficient use of materials,
  4. Better product quality,
  5. Improved safety, and 
  6. Reduced factory lead times.

How do we work?

We will start by getting to know your business. The goal is to identify your needs together.

If you are unsure about what you want, our team will brainstorm with your team to define the ideas for your project.

Once the base is set, our team will start building your customized HR Automation Solution.

Let’s get started.

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