Accounts payable automation

Accounts payable automation
Is your organization still depending on spreadsheet documents and paper-based methodologies for the invoice processing ?

The resources can focus on higher value tasks if the mundane repetitive tasks can be automated successfully

Bautomate provides automated invoice processing software that tackles the problems of manual invoice management effectively. It is a one-stop solution for invoice automation.

Major pain points in the manual invoice processing

  • Need large number of resources to support business growth
  • Payment delays to vendors
  • High processing costs
  • Inaccurate payments
  • Possibility of duplication during the processing stage
  • Payments before receipt of goods or services
  • Poor record-keeping practice
  • No prior scheduling / planning in the invoice payments
  • Risk of fraud in the payment processing
  • Manual rework leads to waste of time and money

Why use Bautomate for automated invoice management?

  • Eradicate the errors of manual invoicing
  • Reduce the processing time
  • Reduce the labour costs
  • Avoid duplicated invoices and payments
  • Transparency and flexibility in the invoice management
  • Cut down the cost occurred due to manual invoice processing
  • Avoid making late payments to the customers

    Features of Bautomate’s digital invoice processing solution

    Our invoice automation software is capable of advanced functionalities such as

    Invoice capturing (Electronic and OCR based data capture)

    Complete data extraction from the invoice file

    Easy invoice search

    Automatic reminders

    Duplicate invoice detection

    Intelligent OCR validation

    Approval workflow

    2-Way PO Matching

    Auto task assignment

    Archive & Audit

    Some of the other applications

    The role of Bautomate’s business process automation solution is not restricted to particular industry.

    Purchase order (PO) automation

    Application forms extraction & processing

    Standardized contract management

    Shipping orders management

    Delivery notes processing

    Work orders management

    Generated reports processing

    Bank statements / KYC document processing

    Fillable PDF form processing


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