What is IVR Testing ?

IVR or the Interactive Voice Response System works by combining existing physical phone system setups with VoIP technology, IVR software (voice portal), VoiceXML applications, speech recognition, VUI, text-to-speech, and IP telephony infrastructure to create a call routing system. This system with automated menus direct calls to the appropriate departments, live agents, or databases as necessary.

After all these setup and integrations still you think the system is not working as you intended and you are lacking customer experience, you need to test, measure and monitor the calls that flows into your system. With effective IVR testing, you can achieve an IVR journey that works every single time, give answers to your customers every time they need and alert you to any problems before your customers encounter.

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce costly churn

Increase your conversion rates

Increase your customer retention rate

Improve your company’s bottom line

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    Why go for Automated IVR Testing?

    If your business call volume is high, then manual testing is time-consuming and expensive. Automated Testing using IVR testing tools performs hundred of test cases, records and measures the quality and performance of the IVR system to have the best possible customer experience that would otherwise requires hundreds of volunteers and huge amount of time with no results guaranteed.

      • Simulate IVR Users and IVR System
      • Automate the IVR testing process – call establishment, menu traversal, and traffic generation detection process through scripts
      • Navigates all options on an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu for testing (using bulk call scripting)
      • Voice recognition testing (using bulk call scripting)
      • Automated Speech-to-Text conversion and analysis for recorded voice prompts
      • Monitor IVR System for voice and data quality

    Why Bautomate for IVR Testing Automation?

    A market leader specialized in test automation, usability, load and stress testing for IVR and Contact Centers. Our powerful tools allow you to test the caller-IVR interactions, measure performance metrics, and identify potential issues before they cause disruption or downtime. We provide solutions to test any possible scenario and potential issue with your interface.

    We know what’s happening

    With over 8 years of experience in automation, our team of experts knows how to test and measure call quality with precision and intelligence.

    We do it for you

    Doing IVR testing on your own isn’t easy, which is why we design and implement automated systems for you to make it easier

    Trust that’s earned over time

    Don’t take our word for it – just check out our reviews by happy customers!

    A partner who can adapt

    We don’t lock you into a contract – instead, we provide flexible pricing models that make sense for your business.

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    IVR solutions don’t exist in isolation. They’re often part of a much larger nexus of digital capabilities and need to work seamlessly together to provide a pleasant customer experience.

    Does your IVR work the way you intend?

    If your IVR doesn’t work the way you intended, we’ll make it work. We offer in-depth testing with a deep understanding of your business, and deliver results with a high level of customer service.

      Frequently asked questions

      Which type of Industry is best suited for IVR?

      Every industry is customer-centric and cares about offering a smooth experience to their customers and they can either be a B2C or B2B industry. Every type of industry has a use case for IVR technology, whether the business is big or small, startup or well-established, SMB or enterprise.

      What is Inbound and Outbound IVR?

      Inbound IVR means the IVR system handles incoming calls. Usually, inbound IVR applications are used for business phone systems, with music on hold, auto attendant, 24/7 self-service, and automatic call routing. 

      Outbound IVR means that calls are dialed out. Outbound IVR applications include telephone surveys, reminder calls, and notification calls.

      Why do businesses need IVR?

      In this competitive business environment, you need to provide a personalized customer experience to earn customer loyalty. That can be achieved in many simple ways using an IVR. IVR is one of the simplest ways of handling the large volume of calls without directing every incoming call to an agent by automating the call answering, greeting, and giving pre-recorded answers to frequently asked questions. 

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