Managed Services

Automation can help you reduce your total cost of ownership, improve your business processes, and increase your uptime.

Managed Services for your Automation Needs.

High availability, reduced risk, maximum uptime, and robot-related incident resolution.

We automate your systems using the best industry standards available to ensure high availability, reduce risk, maximize uptime, and provide automatic system monitoring and management.

The Bautomate hyper automation system can run 24/7 without human intervention.


  • Our Managed Services are designed with flexibility in mind.
  • Customers can tailor the service to their organizational requirements, supporting all of the phases of the delivery process.

Process & Bot Monitoring

  • Monitoring of performance.
  • Workflows, queues, process and bot monitoring.
  • Maintenance of the infrastructure .

Maintenance & Support

  • First, second, and third level support available.
  • Bug fixes and minor updates to process automation.
  • Usability Support, Troubleshooting.

Remote Support

  • Support the deployment of code to production.
  • Administration.
  • Development Life Cycle.


  • Automated Reports
  • KPIs

Performance Improvement

  • Process Tuning
  • Performance Improvements

Proactive Support

  • Identify and resolve problems before they become serious.


  • Available 24/7/365.
  • Built on a proven, scalable and resilient technology.
  • Includes complete testing, UAT plans, and scenarios.


  • Allows you to focus on future development rather than support.
  • Provides a new level of confidence to the organization.
  • Allows you to expand process automations without the need for people.
  • As the company grows, it can be scaled up or down.
  • Ensures that all future projects will be supported post-project.
  • Unifies the way automations are supported across the organization.
  • Allows for the support of complex processes.
    Ensures that the roadmap features are evaluated and integrated.
Process Automation Software
Business Process Automation

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