Intelligent Data Capture and Extraction with AI-enabled OCR

AI-assisted data extraction from documents can evaluate and classify data characters such as words, numbers, alphanumerics, pictures, bar codes, QR codes, and so on.

AI OCR Software

Your business stands with millions of documents with valuable data. Managing, storing, seeking, retrieving the right data is time-consuming and tiring.

Just call it a day! Simplify your document processing with Intelligent OCR Technology. Extract data from structured & unstructured documents more quickly and accurately.

It has made significant changes in an organization by increasing efficiency and reaching higher productivity. See what AI-powered Bautomate can offer with intelligent data capture. Gain more accuracy with data extraction technologies such as CCC, OCR, and ICR.

How does OCR Automation works?

OCR software reads and extracts data characters such as letters, numbers, codes, and images from a variety of documents. It allows for faster and more accurate processing a large number of documents, making it perfect for enterprises with paper-intensive procedures.

Intelligent document processing can automate any kind of business document. AI and ML apply their learning by monitoring data corrections and generalizing accurate data. OCR document extraction performs auto validations and delivers optimal results

OCR Automation

Bautomate allows you to simply integrate OCR into your existing workflows. It provides a better alternative for long approvals and reduces processing time while saving money. Improve your organization’s business processes through automation to eliminate all manual monotonous chores.

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Intelligent character recognition software can handle large amounts of data and speed up the completion of time-consuming human activities.
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With any type of document, AI technology analyses data more accurately, providing correct information and offering ideal solutions.
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Customer/Employee Satisfaction

When AI and ML work together, they provide better results faster, improving user experience and allowing employees to focus on more complicated tasks.


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Processing Time & Cost

OCR cuts down on manual entry time by up to 80% and lowers cycle time and costs by up to 40%.

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Manual Errors

With up to 90% accuracy, AI-assisted document data extraction can analyze and identify data characters.
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CCC reduces the risks of unknown data and payment processing problems by reading, verifying, and extracting the proper data.

OCR can aid

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Invoice Automation

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Procure to Pay Automation

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Purchase Order Automation

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Accounts Payable Automation

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Accounts Receivable Automation

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CapEx/AFE Process Automation

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Work Order Management

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Hiring Automation

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Employee Onboarding Automation

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Customer Onboarding Automation

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Vendor Onboarding Automation

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Vendor Onboarding Automation

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