Cognitive Content Capture enables advanced AI solution, OCR, and Image processing techniques that can create magic in your routine document handling procedures!
Bautomate is enhanced with automatic validation capability to achieve high accuracy of data. 
Bautomate - C3 - Cognitive Content Capture
Bautomate - C3 - Dashboard

Are you processing the sensitive documents on a day to day basis?

Then you are at the right place

OCR based document extraction and validation

Report and Analytics : Interactive Dashboard, Realtime Analytics, Report on process stats , process metrics and form data

Multiple methods are available for capturing data from unstructured documents (letters, invoices, email, fax, forms, agreements, contracts, etc)

Bautomate uses advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technique, intelligent character recognition (ICR).

Key Features
Cognitive Extraction Icon

Cognitive Extraction

Extracts content automatically from both the structured and unstructured documents in seconds!

Auto Validation Icon

Auto Validation

Identifies errors in your document automatically and corrects them instantly! The OCR engine can self-learn using artificial intelligence algorithm

Layout Recognition icon

Layout Recognition

AI driven layout recognition enables highly accurate template identification

Language Recognition Icon

Language Recognition

Inbuilt language identification provides effective extraction capability

Image Processing Icon

Image Processing

Powerful Image , enhancement techniques takes care of noisy and complex input quality images

Business Enrichment  Icons

Business Enrichment

Extended Business process & Business rules management provides additional content enrichment nature

Protocol Support icon

Protocol Support

Provides multiple data format and protocol support i.e. HTTP, FTP, MQ, Email, etc

Customizable Dashboard icon

Customizable Dashboard

Interactive Dashboard, Tracking, Workflow management, User Management & Managed services capabilities

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