Start your journey with the digital transformation platform by engaging in partnership with us where the businesses can explore new opportunities to grow their firm and revenue alongside…

Bautomate offers the digital transformation platform with a broad experience in robotic process automation, business process management, cognitive data capturing, document management system using ML+AI+NLP technologies.

Our goal is to organize a proficient team of partners who are committed to grow with Bautomate, expand their businesses in the global market while providing the customers with innovative solutions for automating the process.

Who would get an invite to partner with us?

Advisory, System Integrator and Consulting firms.


Alliance partners act as independent firms to enable new opportunities for Bautomate.

Consulting Partner

Consulting partners can resell the Bautomate product to customers along with their services.

Technology Partner

Technology partners could integrate Bautomate with their solution / product to add value for the customers by selling it as an integrated suite.

Bautomate helps businesses in the digital transformation journey for optimizing the process.

Construct, Optimize and Continue

Bautomate partners can help you to create, optimize and maintain your business process. By accessing our comprehensive products, our partners are empowered to build and deliver Bautomate solutions that can address any scenarios of customers and solve the business challenges.

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