An intelligent digital automation platform with the best-of-breed AI technologies

Re-invent your Organization

Innovation and Invention are the lifeblood of successful businesses.  Re-imagining business processes to become more efficient and cost-effective are the key focus areas for leadership.  Re-inventing these processes can have dramatic impacts.  Bautomate enables simplification and automation of business processes to drive business improvement and free up resources. Be productive on value-added tasks.

Bautomate has Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Process Management (BPM) layer, cognitive document automation, workflow orchestration and analytics to simplify the implementation process and deliver dramatic results that mitigate compliance risk and increase competitiveness, growth and profitability.

RPA with BPM layer

Business Process Management creates workflows and automates the business processes using Robotic Process Automation engine (Robo-Bots). It enhances the work of humans by enabling them to focus on innovative and customer-focused initiatives

Cognitive Date Capture

Cognitive Data Capturing is an intelligent tool that uses complex machine learning algorithms to read, process and transfer the words / data from forms and documents. It helps to automate and accelerate document processing


Document Management System (DMS) is a well organized system for managing the documents in your organization with intuitive capabilities. Structure, track and manage the documents in a highly secured environment

Other Components

  • Business Rule Engine
  • Form Builder
  • Auto Layout Identifier
  • Analytics Engine
  • Managed Services

Breakthrough Transformation

A good digital transformation strategy enables the organization to transform information-sensitive business processes. Reduce the manual works & errors, minimize costs, and improve overall efficiency.

Bautomate Platform Pillars

Process Modeler
The process modeler empowers the business users to design processes in hours / days and not in months. The Drag & Drop interface enables the users to use modelling canvas including forms, users, data connectors and much more (without writing code).
Form Builder
Business users can design elegant forms and display screens that are used in the workflows. It leverages a rich library of reusable process flows.
Data Extraction
Using a combination of NLP and machine learning, specific data is identified and recognized as a valid one. It is then extracted for the data mart / warehouse storage / ingestion into a business application.
Workflow Orchestration
Connect, schedule & orchestrate processes and micro-services within few minutes using the Bautomate RPA platform. With hundreds of codeless Bautomate models, business users can automate anything to reduce the risk of human errors.
Cognitive Auto Validation
This is a key differentiator in Bautomate. It is a powerful AI-based intelligence capability for learning and validating the extracted document automatically. It uses the machine learning algorithms (Cognitive Capture capability) for document processing and adapts to your evolving data processes dynamically.
Advanced Analytics (Dashboard)
Increase your visibility, gain in-depth operational insights, reduce the risks of non-compliance, and eliminate operational inefficiency.
The process-maker modeler is compliant to BPMN 2.0 standards and it is extremely powerful. The platform handles sensitive data and follows industry standards / compliance regulations.
The Bautomate platform is a codeless automation tool that provides hundreds of pre-built platform connectors and low-code API accessibility. It enables the customers to build a dynamic, end-to-end workflow models.

 Improving productivity, accountability and compliance!

The entire system can create, visualize & foresee the bots / workflow structure / document automation / business management. It integrates with various enterprise applications to modernize the processes in your organization. Bautomate’s cloud-enabled application is used for full-fledged automation. The system can deploy and run on any cloud-based platform as data security is our major priority.

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