Automating the production order extraction for an industrial thread company

Production order extraction Automation


This is a global manufacturing and thread solutions. The company was flourishing and daily operations were getting more and more complex. For instance, around 200+ purchase orders and the same number of invoices were being processed daily with the involvement of over 20 dedicated employees.

Challenges and the fix

Errors such as incorrect quantity and items, delayed approvals, and inaccurate delivery dates were plaguing the purchase order (PO) validation process. By dealing with numerous vendors and businesses daily, the company received an overwhelming number of electronic POs that were processed manually – an error-prone practice.

The team deployed by Bautomate assessed the entire process, identified gaps, and decided process automation as the best solution. With a process overhaul, they had listed down the long-term implications of business process automation and scalability. The team had integrated process automation bots with the system and ensured optimum performance with quality testing.

cloud based purchase order software

The process

Step-1: As POs are shared over emails, the bots identify and segregate such emails, extract the PO, and validate its format. Stakeholders are notified of the validation status.

Step-2: Database information is referred for validating sender details and items.

Step-3: Bots extract the key values and check them against the business rule updates.

Step-4: When the POs are sent in an invalid format, alerts will be sent to all the stakeholders.


Bautomate automated the purchase order processing. The software uses AI-Powered OCR to extract data from the purchase orders and transforms the data into their ERP system through seamless integration.

Purchase Order Automation Software


  • Reduced cost & turnaround time
  • Less wait & delivery times
  • Overall improvement in delivery time
  • 200+ POs are processed per day
  • Error-free process