Cloud-Based Cognitive Content Extraction Case Study

Cognitive Content Extraction


Bautomate, a platform that centers on cloud-based cognitive content extraction, capitalizes on the power of automation to greatly reduce the need for extra, manual effort to extract and validate data from images.

The sheer amount of time and resources this takes only serves as a handicap for various industries that require accurate processing of data. Bautomate technically addresses these issues head-on leading to greater effort- and cost-savings for numerous companies.


BPOs spend needlessly just to extract and validate data from images, PDFs, and various other pertinent data. What makes matters worse is that this is still being done manually, which only takes up time and eats up plenty of resources.

Recommended Solution

Bautomate, as its name readily suggests, fully automates the entire process with the help of cloud computing leading to not only less effort and time required to complete accurate processing but undeniable cost savings as well.

At best, it makes the most out of what present-day automation has to offer. At its core, automation has proven itself the complete antithesis of manual effort, which is why we deemed it the most viable solution to this problem.


We designed a streamlined architecture for the platform. Cognitive content capture and Business Process Management solutions are used for image processing, OCR extraction, layout identification and the subsequent validation of extracted data. On the other hand, for storage, we relied on S3.

These are but some of the industries that our client companies operated in and who enjoyed first-hand the benefits of Bautomate:

  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
Cognitive Data Capture
Data Extraction Software


Initial feedback reported remarkable cost savings (close to 70%) as a direct result of the entire data extraction process being fully automated. Businesses who need to process data from supplier invoices, bill of lading, master bills, among others.

Many can attest to their customers praising the timely creation of supplier invoices for it has allowed them to enjoy early-payment cuts, for example. Discrepancies and time constraints were minimized if not entirely eliminated as a result of the forgoing of human effort. Overall, the speed of processing time was increased by 20x the usual rate.

Bautomate team to help with the customer feedback like below,

Sample feedback from a customer is as follows: “OCR Automation provided a more accurate and faster way to extract data from our documents. At the same time, it helped us in cutting the cost significantly. With the solution provided, a sizable part of the human effort we used to exert simply disappeared.”