Medical Claim Forms processing

RPA in Healthcare Claims Processing


Bautomate offers a plug n’ play Business Process Automation platform with intuitive features that require little or no training to get started. The platform can be used to automate repetitive tasks like document generation, data capture, invoicing, etc., to increase productivity and reduce costs. Additionally, the platform crunches millions of data points to give you actionable insights into your business processes for identifying profit centers and improving sales and revenue forecasts.


Organizations spend a lot of time and labor on extracting data from every data field from HCFA-1500/CMS-500 medical claim forms as well as UB-04/UB-92 forms used by hospitals and other institutional healthcare providers. Besides the more time and labor, manual data entries are highly prone to errors.

Recommended Solution

Bautomate uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered OCR software to extract actionable data from medical claim forms like HCFA-1500/CMS-500 as well as UB-04/UB-92 forms. It provides a simple claim entry process that gives more control over the claims processing workflow. With automatic validation rules the extracted data are validated and Bautomate can send the information taken from the forms directly into a claims processing system through seamless integration.


The intelligent automation solution besides saving a lot of time and labor, also provides a more accurate and cost effective way of processing claims.