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What is Invoice Automation?

Why You Need Business Process Automation Software?

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The Ultimate Guide: Go Paperless with Accounts Payable Process

Make a transition from your traditional invoice processing or account payable workflow to a paperless environment.

Why is AI-powered AP automation important, What are the Challenges?

Accounts payable (AP) is one of those tasks that can be easily overlooked until It’s too late.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We all know that there are so many businesses out there that have a hard time keeping up with their growth. That’s why we built the Bautomate. Bautomate is a low-code business process automation tool. We want to make it easier for you to automate and streamline your business processes without breaking the bank. It drastically reduces time to market for your organization’s processes and takes care of manual, repetitive tasks. And, at the end, you’ll have more time and better understanding of which areas need your attention so you can tackle them.

Business Process Automation FAQ

What is Business Process Automation?
Business Process Automation(BPA) is the application of technology to business processes for the development and support of business processes.BPA is concerned with eliminating waste, reducing errors, and increasing overall productivity. It is focused on the processes used by an organization to create or deliver its products or services.
Why is Business Process Automation important?
Business Process Automation (BPA) includes activities such as defining, designing, documenting, implementing, monitoring, improving, and automating the processes that are repetitive. Without these defined automated workflows, your company will be worn down by ineffective and tedious manual processes.
What are the benefits of incorporating business process Automation?
Business Process Automation (BPM) enables a business to improve its efficiency, increase productivity, reduce costs and gain strategic competitive advantages. It helps in achieving better and faster business results hence driving business performance.
What are the benefits of Bautomate?
Bautomate is a full-stack automation platform. It has a built-in workflow designer to help you design workflows, and a rules engine to help you manage them.

Bautomate enables companies to automate their business processes in a similar way to the recent advances in artificial intelligence that have changed the way computers play chess – by “thinking like a human, not like a machine”. With Bautomate’s solutions, companies can free up capital tied up in operational cash flow by effectively outsourcing their routine and repetitive business processes to a highly skilled workforce.

How do I get started with Bautomate?
You can create an account by contacting and start creating a process immediately. Create your process using bautomate modeler with easy to use drag and drop components.
Does Bautomate have a free plan?
Bautomate offers a free limited plan for each user that comes with 1 workflow and 1 user.
How is Bautomate licenses priced?
Bautomate is priced on a per-user, annual subscription basis. The following table shows the available licensing option in detail:
How secure is my data in Bautomate?
Bautomate uses the latest security technology to ensure data integrity.. All data is encrypted.
How does Bautomate integrate with my existing solutions? Can Bautomate integrate with my ERP system?
Yes, we can communicate using industry-standard formats such as XML and JSON. We have built-in Rest Api Connectors to integrate with TALLY, SAP, Salesforce, etc
Automating other business processes is something we’ll likely need to do in the future. Besides serving my immediate needs, can you scale to meet my longer-term goals and support our growing business needs?
Bautomate runs in the cloud and can scale to meet your business needs. Bautomate’s cloud infrastructure is designed to support your growing business. Bautomate has the flexibility to adapt and provide optimal solutions to your business needs.
Can you support our multiple offices and multi-language needs?
Bautomate is a, multi-lingual Software as a Service process automation software system.Bautomate itself supports internationalization as user preference. NLP Component is capable of processing content from different languages including Chinese.

Accounts Payable Automation or Invoice Automation FAQ

How does AP automation work?
AP automation software automates manual and repetitive tasks involved in Accounts Payable processing. It lets you move from manual processing to fully automated workflows.
We’d like to eliminate manual intervention as much as possible. Does Bautomate automate 100 percent of the AP invoice process?
Yes. We allow our customers to automate all the processes of Accounts Payable Processing using our software. The product can save approximately 75% of the time spent on handling an invoice, allowing you to automate the entire process from data entry to approval to payment. We also allow manual intervention whenever required in case of exceptions.

How can we improve the way we communicate, interact and collaborate with our suppliers?
You can improve the way you communicate, interact and collaborate with your suppliers by automating invoice processing and vendor payments.
Is your OCR Solution flexible or does it use a predefined template? How does Bautomate’s OCR technology accurately identify content from various invoice formats?
Is it needed to set up a template for each Vendor’s invoice layout?
We can adapt to your unique process. It is very flexible and can be customized to any degree you need. We support both template-based and template-less OCR. Our OCR technology is capable of identifying the document templates, domains and extract the business information using advanced Artificial Intelligence.
We want to store our invoices. Will it be easy to find our documents?
With Bautomate, you can access your invoices anytime. Bautomate supports an inbuilt document management system, ‘Bautodocs’, with typical folder hierarchy, indexing, and advanced search
How will you minimize AP payment fraud and reduce or prevent internal and external fraud?
Our platform provides full visibility into your accounts payable process, which allows you to easily spot any suspicious activity. With our easy-to-use tools and user-defined workflow, you have full control over your AP process. We also verify incoming email addresses against the pre-registered source of information so any invoice coming from an unregistered source is not processed.
What is expected when it comes to reduction in expenses and ROI? How will Bautomate help drive revenue?
Bautomate’s Accounts Payable Automation software helps businesses improve their cash flow by eliminating duplicate payments, increase the number of payments processed, reduce late payments, and decrease the number of payment errors. This leads to savings in terms of time, labor, and money.

– As soon as you automate Accounts Payable processing, you will see a significant drop in the number of days it takes to make payment to your customers
– You will gain back lost hours and dramatically increase your bottom-line
– Automation repetitive tasks frees up your valuable time so you can focus on increasing your bottom-line profits!

Will you provide a personalized demo using a sample document we provide?
Yes, our team will create a personalized demo for you, explaining how our software works and how it can benefit your business… and… showing you how easy it is to make dramatic improvements in your bottom-line! We can also configure our system to use your sample document(if shared) and provide a live demo which is a part of our demo process.
It is very important for me to get clear, deep, meaningful insights on the go. How will Bautomate provide quantifiable measures to gauge overall AP performance?

Bautomate’s detailed and quantifiable measures provide insightful KPIs with metrics, charts, and graphs that enable you to see how accounts payable automation is performing. You can see how close the accounts payable automation is hitting its target.

Workflow Automation FAQ

How user-friendly is the system?

Very! It’s so easy to learn and use, The platform has a very natural and easy-to-learn visual interface which makes it perfect for non-technical users. Bautomate is designed with user experience in mind, resulting in a simple intuitive interface that allows a user to run their entire business.

Is it possible to alter activity in a process?

Yes, it is possible to alter activity in a process. Bautomate’s Business Process Automation platform is powered with Web-based Drag N Drop Process Modeller which can we used to alter the workflow very easily
Users can create, modify, and delete processes using the drag and drop BPMN 2.0 interface.


Does the product support XPDL? Does your product support a standard external interchange format for process definitions?
The Bautomate product fully supports XPDL.
How well-defined are the processes within each industry? Do these industrial processes involve recurring sets of templates that can be reused?

Processes are very well defined within each industry. All you have to do is apply the template and the project will be set up instantly. Each process is designed in consultation with industry experts.
Bautomate enables users to quickly integrate, design and implement business processes across any organization. Since many processes are repetitive, Bautomate allows for quick and easy setup and automation to improve business efficiency. Having said that, it also allows for quick and easy modifications as each industry and establishment have their own set of nuances.


Does the solution utilize unique metrics or key performance indicators?


The solution visualizes a set of KPIs that allow understanding in real time the current status of the business processes and the effectiveness of the activities deployed in the operating environment.

Do you have an understanding of the relevant business pains, market trends and issues prevalent within the industry?
We have a deep understanding of business pains and industry issues based on which we have designed Bautomate. Our specialists developed Bautomate that allow you to automate your business processes with minimal human intervention. We are very passionate about our solution and believe in using technology to solve real-world problems.
Does the solution feature process elements or tools that incorporate key requirements within the industry?

Yes, we have Web based Drag N Drop Process Modeller, Workflow and Rules Engine, Form Builder, Process Bots, Techno & Functional MicroBots, BautoWatch Transaction Monitor & Task Management , features. Little to No Training is needed for all categories of users to operate the tool with ease.

Can I Export and Import Processes without much hassle?
Yes, you can export and import processes as a complete project including the forms and set it up again using the import functionality without much hassle with Bautomate’s online process management software.
Can you add or modify activity in a process instance while it is running? What other modifications can be made to the process definition?
Yes. you can add or modify any activity in a process while it is running. Modified changes need to be redeployed and the subsequent transactions would go via the latest version of the processes. Already running transactions will still continue to go through the older versions.
Any new transactions will always use the latest version of the process
Can a non-programmer create a workflow?
Yes. Workflows are user-friendly. You can create a workflow with just a few clicks. You can create a workflow by using Bautomate’s basic building blocks. With these blocks, you can create a workflow by drag-and-drop. Also, you can use the advanced pre-built elements like Start Form, Email Poller, Email Listener, Email Sender, Email Connector, Data Mapper, OCR, HTTP Connector, Tally Connector, JDBC Connector, Dyna Forms to create a more complex workflow.
What platforms are supported? Are process definitions platform independent? Can a process developed on one platform (eg. Macintosh) be run on another platform (Unix)?
Yes, all of our process definitions are cloud-based and platform-independent. The process definition is drawn up and configured in the BPMN 2.0 Modeller. It is platform-independent and allows you to create processes that can be run on any platform, typically in Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

Cognitive Data Extraction Process (OCR) FAQ

Does It Auto-Classify the Documents? Does It Provide a Correction Module?
Yes, it does auto-classify the documents. The tool is also equipped with a correction module to correct the identified content through an easy-to-use UI interface. The extracted information will be displayed on editable fields through which users can update the information as required.

Can You Customize Your OCR Specifically for Different Needs? Will the solution work on my specific documents at the accuracy I require?

Yes. Key features of the OCR solution include:
1. Built-in Custom OCR – user can create a template of the specific documents to be captured and OCR’d in order to ensure the highest level of accuracy.
2. Highly Customizable – users can personalize the OCR software to meet the exact needs of their business.
3. Error Proof – user can ensure every document is accurate the first time by having the software reread and re-capture any document that returns an error or is unable to be processed. Users can also update any information on the extracted information if required through the easy to use CCC interface

Where and how is accuracy measured? What will be the effort to close the accuracy gap? What will be the effort to maintain accuracy levels?

TWe measure accuracy by tracking the system’s ability to correctly identify the contents of an image. The user can create a template (one-time) of the specific documents to be captured and OCR’d in order to maintain accuracy levels. To close the accuracy gap, users are allowed to update any information upon the extracted information if required
What if my documents change? What if I want to add a new use case or document?

User’s can update the template of the specific documents to be captured and OCR’d easily as many times as required.