Business Process Automation in Banking

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Banking Process Automation
Business Process Automation in Banking Industry

In the banking industry, the loan approval segment involves lots of manual data-entry processes such as customer identity checking, tax form verification, employer verification process, etc.

Problems with the
existing banking system

  • Time-consuming process
  • The banking sector requires highly experienced resources
  • Risk of data security in the manual loan approval process
  • Possibility of man-made errors in the manual data entry
Robotic Process Automation in Banking

Benefits of using
the Bautomate software

  • Reduce 90% of loan processing time
  • Extract the required data easily and send it to the banking system for final process completion
  • Extract the customer data from various customer identity documents and address verification documents
  • Capture the customer data from the KYC documents using AI OCR technique
  • Eliminate unnecessary data entry errors & save time
  • High accuracy in the data validation process
  • Paperless process automation software
  • Easy integration and AI-enabled verification process.
  • Reduce labor costs by implementing automatic data extraction.
  • Speed up the loan approval process by 50% and improve customer experience
Benefits of Automation in Banking

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