In the educational institutions, document handling is a hectic process. Manual (paper-based) workflow would not only waste your precious time but also increase your overall expenditure and work-related inefficiency.

Pain points in the educational sector

Pain points in the educational sector

  • Educational institutes handle a lot of paperwork on a regular basis
  • Managing the human resources forms, attendance, student records, compliance documents, and class / curriculum records in the form of paper is inaccurate and ineffective
  • Repetitive processes
  • Problems in interacting between the multiple digital interfaces (e.g., ERP software, email)
  • Inaccuracy in the data validation. Manual works are prone to errors and re-works

How Bautomate help you in automating the document management process effectively

    • Educational organizations can automatically collect, route and store student admission forms, human resources forms, report cards portfolio, standardised tests, payroll, meeting notes and other documentation. Safeguard your sensitive information and ensure compliance with record retention requirements.
    • Improve the institutions’ relationships with students, parents, staffs and vendors by responding to the queries and approve documents more quickly.
    • Reduce the human intervention in all the complex tasks.
    • Improve the business potential with the help of automation (e.g., service improvement, accuracy, efficiency).
    • Automated data validation reduces human error and creates time-saving efficiencies in the registrar and student advisory offices.

Role of OCR in the educational institutions

Role of OCR in the educational institutions

Optical Character Recognition technology which can help in scanning, copying & protecting the data or the saved information like admission forms, student records, institution records, legal documents etc.

OCR application can easily convert any scanned paper, images, and PDF documents into editable documents. Thus, the probability to make essential alterations is quite better.

OCR solution makes the digital documents easier to manage, open, send emails, and search.

Our OCR engine identifies text within scanned documents, allowing you to sort through students’ records quickly and accurately..

KYC processes during examination. A combination of biometric analysis and OCR data capturing capabilities can help you eliminate fraud and reduce risk for your business.

RPA benefits in the educational sector

Validate data of educational documents without any fuss

Improved student and staff experience

Error reduction

Reduction in labour hours

Cost savings

Improved job quality for the faculties and staffs

Avoiding enterprise software implementation cost

RPA benefits in the educational sector

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