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Healthcare process automation
Bautomate - RPA in Healthcare

In Healthcare, there are thousands of manual processes involved in documentation procedures such as patient admissions, approvals, discharge summary, billing, invoicing and many more.

Problems with the existing system

  • 98% of manual process documentation is prone to errors
  • Traditional processes are far more tedious and time-consuming
  • Delay of communication between the doctors and patients
  • Using the ineffective traditional methods to collect the patient blood test records, health check-up records in email or fax.
  • Poor execution of time by manual email checking, reports download, viewing, and verification process.
  • Some hospitals use handwritten forms that have a lot of checkbox questions. Manual entry in the EMR produces unwanted errors.
Bautomate - RPA in Healthcare
How does Bautomate help in overcoming the challenges?
  • Implement automation in various types of documentation methods
  • Bautomate can free-up your time so that businesses can focus on providing better services to the patient
  • Automatic data extraction helps in transferring the patient details to the database easily
  • Avoid repetitive processes
  • High data security
  • Get customized reports using AI-enabled OCR engine
  • Enhance the speed of data entry process upto 10 times
  • 70% Increased productivity
  • Achieve cost reduction in the business
  • 100% error-free and improved customer experience
  • Save the efforts spent on manual data entry work
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Extract data from the structured / unstructured documents and convert them into machine understandable formats
healthcare automation benefits

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