Business Process Automation in Manufacturing

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Manufacturing Process Automation Software
RPA in Manufacturing Industry

Problems in the manufacturing sector

  • Complicated back-office procedures
  • High labour costs
  • Business process slow-down
  • Communication gap in between the customers and suppliers
  • Ineffective documentation practices (storage of paper-based files)
  • Poor turnaround time
  • Legacy data protection solutions are slow, complex and inadequate
  • Document-related regulatory complexity
  • Mistakes with inventory reports
  • Problems with document validation, approval, retrieval and distribution
  • Poor visibility on the process flow
  • Manual and redundant workload
Benefits of Automating Manufacturing process
How does Bautomate RPA help you to overcome the manufacturing pain points
  • RPA bot can do email automation, paper work digitalization, procurement process and payment invoice automation.
  • RPA automation reduces the communication gap between the customers and suppliers.
  • BPM module automates the repetitive tasks and improves the turnaround time.
  • Highly-secured data storage
  • Automatic OCR-based validation helps you to process the documents in an error-free manner
  • Monitor the real-time analytics with inbuilt dashboard
  • Bautomate is integrated with inbuilt document management system that could help in fixing the document approval and retrieval issues
Manufacturing process automation benefits

Business process automation in manufacturing Case Study