Retail Automation

Keep your retail outlets on track with an effective document automation solution and deliver the best customer experience

RPA in Retail Sector
RPA in Retail Industry

Documentation issues in the retail sector

  • Difficulty in managing the documents of multiple locations
  • Large chain of retail outlets could not handle the documentation procedures as the volume of paperwork is very high
  • Employees could not able to access the information easily, which are related to products, brands, shipments, and more
  • Security issue is a major concern in the retail industry
    Regulatory compliance issues
RPA in Retail Industry
  • RPA in retail sector helps you to manage the invoice processing, order processing & payments easily
  • Improve the productivity of employees
  • Implement the document automation procedure in purchase orders, invoices, delivery notes, receipts, records, HR documentation, and other paper documents
  • Robotic process automation in retail sector reduces the incidence of human errors or non-compliance with document processes
  • Digitized documents reduce the storage costs, thereby facilitating the recovery work
  • In-depth indexing and searching functionality. Search your documents by content, word or data
  • Only the users with proper login and password can view / access the document manager segment. Highly-secured retail document management.
  • Powerful version control feature & co-ordination with other tools
  • Apart from the pick-and-shop model, retail customers use multiple channels such as online store and app-based purchase. Bautomate help you dovetail the data from various sources and ensure that the content across all platforms is consistent and available in a single repository.
  • Validate your documents using our OCR system and store it in the right folder.
  • Cut down on paper usage and costs involved with it.
  • Get full-fledged support in the procurement and inventory management processes to monitor inventory, generate notifications, etc.
  • Regular communication between manufacturers, suppliers, transportation service providers, and customers.
  • Achieve the highest level of accuracy in data validation process and automate your business workflow in the retail supply chain.