Bautomate’s role is not only implementing RPA in your business,  but to make sure that your people are fully enabled before going to a live environment….

Robotic‌ ‌Process Automation

Bautomate’s robotic process automation has a BPM layer. It uses a combined mechanism for modeling, automation, workflow execution, measurement, and optimization of business action. It is easy to use by implementing the drag-drop interface. Business users can use the system without the involvement of technical team members.

Bautomate RPA is aimed at enhancing the business process. It performs analysis / data modeling / monitoring with the implemented process. The system continually looks to optimize the performance further.

Robotic‌ ‌Process Automation

Bautomate’s robotic process automation has a BPM layer and uses a combination of modeling, automation, execution, control, workflow, measurement, and optimization of business action. It is easy to use by simply using the drag interface meaning the business user can use the system without the need for the technical team involvement.

Bautomate RPA is aimed at constantly enhancing the business process. By examining it, performing analysis on it, modeling and simulating it, and monitoring the implemented / improved process we can continually look to optimize it further.

Bautomate RPA focuses on operational efficiency, reduced costs, improved employee productivity, and critical business decisions.

Key Capabilities

  • BPMN 2.0 standard modeling
  • Ability to test process via simulations
  • Ability to design / execute business process & workflow
  • Drag & drop form designer allows the users to create forms for business process
  • Generate the mapping-enabled templates
  • Ability to assign and coordinate the activities of different groups
  • Ability to schedule a process or event to run at a specified time
  • Business rule management
  • Supports designing and executing BPMN 2.0 notation processes and workflows
  • Supports various types of connectors
  • Notifications for the stakeholders regarding the pending & overdue tasks
  • Detailed report and operational metrics

Bautomate RPA automates a wide range of repetitive tasks by interacting with any number of applications or data sources. The system is capable of initiating the responses and communicating with other systems easily.

Process Management

Business process modelling

Manage and execute a specific task

Drag and drop connectors

Form Builder

Automated actions

Work flow engine

Monitor multiple tasks

Task Viewer

Create and run multiple tasks

Role based access control

Identify the business issues, trends and opportunities


Operational metrics


Monitor every element in the workflow


Rules Engine

Process execution

Business rules

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates processes across the organization with robots & BPM workflows. Cognitive data capture automates the document processing and connects the document management system in a single shell by delivering dramatic outcomes in terms of growth and profitability.

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