Document Management System

Unlock business information from static documents by automating your document management system. Avoid spending time in managing voluminous documents as DMS can scan, capture and organize business documents storing them securely in the cloud.

Organized & Secure Document Automation Software for Your Business

Our vision is to empower enterprises to boost productivity, improve cost-effectiveness, and provide superior customer service.

Why your business needs Bautomate’s Document Management System?

Bautomate provides a single integrated platform for businesses to leverage their document management system with AI and ML-enabled capabilities. Bautomate’s Intelligent look-up feature combines AI and cognitive abilities to store, manage, archive, and retrieve documents with ease.

With a drag and drop feature, any business can automate its document management system

We intend to empower businesses to enhance productivity with intelligent search & retrieval, better access controls, maintaining document integrity with version control, and audit access and improve collaboration among teams with intelligent KPIs, analytics, and reports.

Using document management solutions, businesses can optimize the digital flow of data via automation to ensure costs are minimized and efficiency is enhanced with better team collaboration.


Document Classification

Finds documents instantly

Enhance Competitiveness

Inherently scalable


Allows for quick and accurate file storage

Core Functions

The system pushes notifications every time an activity is noticed in the documents upload, access, approval, storage, archiving, or retrieval.

Using DMS, users can go for bulk upload of documents to save time, and bring productivity to the entire workflow.


Users can preview any document from the DMS repository to receive the needed details without downloading it.

The document automation solution also provides electronic signature as an essential part of the entire document management process.


Audit reports highlight every user’s activity on the document. It lets people take ownership for a particular document and verify compliance.


The automated document processing provides analysis and reports based on real-time information. It enables users to make informed decisions.


The dynamic  dashboard displays real-time insights for optimal data management with information on documents downloaded, sent for approval,  modified, checked in, checked out, saved in specific folders, archived, or requested for retrieval.


Intelligent document automation can quickly build an approval workflow for any multi-approval document. The system notifies authorized individuals to approve, mark, and process the document and notifies senders if any document is rejected.


Bautomate’s DMS supports cognitive content capture with AI, ML-enabled OCR extraction that can extract content from any source and any file type either structured or unstructured.


Cognitive capabilities make document storage, search, and retrieval easy. AI and ML-enabled DMS can find any document by file name, keywords, or OCR-enabled extraction based on the content of the document e.g., a scanned document.


Users can avail of the benefit of locking their document with the check-in and check-out features while editing the document. It restricts other users’ access to the document when this feature is employed.

The system controls document versions and stores prior versions. Viewing version history is easier with a single click. Intelligent document processing provides access control allowing only the authorized personnel to source, archive, and retrieve documents.

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