Well organized documents in your organization with inbuilt Digital Automation Platform capabilities will help you to manage your business efficiently.

Document Management System

Bautomate – Document Management System is the finest choice for structuring, managing and tracking your documents across the organization. It is a browser based product which has other components such as RPA, BPM & Document Automation in a single platform and will assist the customer to handle the data & workflow effectively.

Bautomate DMS makes your life easier and hassle-free.

  • Bautomate’s DMS interface is so native that you do not need any training.
  • Simply drag and drop files.
  • It automatically imports all your business files, making them available anywhere.
  • It stores the documents of any size, files of any type or a group of documents through a secure, central repository.

Collaborate Anywhere & Everywhere

Document retrieval time will be reduced from hours to seconds through Efficient Field Search in the tool. Bautomate DMS will allow the team to collaborate and work on documents with coordination for their editing / review activities.

Bautomate DMS eliminates paper from the beginning and makes your life easier and hassle-free during the entire digital document handling process.

Key Features

Deploy Your Digital Workforce

Safeguard Your Data

Analyze and Predict Bot Performance

Streamline Your Blended Workforce

Ensure Business Continuity

Manage Bot Lifecycle

Embrace Complexity

Connect RPA Anywhere

Big Data Ready

 It utilizes the latest technology with an inbuilt digital automation platform to facilitate a non-invasive combination with your system.

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